The Purdue police department announced Thursday that it will be adopting body worn cameras.

“Body-worn camera systems have become standard equipment for police departments across the United States, among other colleges and our Big Ten peers,” PUPD Chief John Cox said in Purdue press release. “This is a tool that will serve us well in our community policing, add transparency to interactions and provide information complementary to the written police reports for criminal and civil investigations.”

PUPD has had in-car cameras for 20 years, according to the press release. The new body-worn cameras will record officers during all interaction and will include data storage connected to the in-car cameras.

The equipment is expected to be delivered during the upcoming fall semester and should be fully implemented before the start of the 2022 spring semester.

Cox expressed interest in body cam technology earlier in the summer, saying approval from Purdue's administration was the last thing the department needed before moving forward. University heads declined to comment on the issue when The Exponent originally reported on it. 

PUPD spokesperson Capt. Song Kang declined to comment Thursday afternoon, referring The Exponent to Cox and Purdue spokesperson Tim Doty.

PUPD will be the last Big Ten department and one of the last departments in Indiana to acquire body cams. 

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