7/18/19 Cislunar Initiative

Engineering Dean Mung Chiang announces the Cislunar Initiative at a press conference Thursday afternoon.

Purdue officials announced today an initiative to develop "an economic expansion" into the region encompassing Earth and the moon, called "cislunar space."

As part of the kickoff of Purdue's celebration of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11's moon landing, Engineering Dean Mung Chiang announced the effort in a press conference.

The Cislunar Initiative aims to "take a leadership role in expanding access to cislunar space, supplying the building blocks for infrastructure, identifying and utilizing space resources, advancing the development of space policy and providing critical educational opportunities," a news release said.

The initiative includes looking at ways to protect people from extreme temperatures and radiation, preventing space debris, and creating technology to establish a presence on the lunar surface.

We will update this story later today with more information.

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