Inside neon sign at Neon Cactus

New owner Ethan Brown said almost everything, including the neon signs and sound system, in the Neon Cactus is still functioning.

Neon Cactus will open its doors to Breakfast Clubbers at 7 a.m. Saturday.

The campus staple is coming back after two years in time for homecoming. The bar’s new owner, Ethan Brown, said the Cactus will look the same to people who experienced it before it closed because of the pandemic.

A new bar, among other things, will be unveiled at the opening, but Brown said he’s excited to bring back the same Cactus people know and love.

That includes Bruce Barker, the Piano Man, who will make his return debut Sept. 29, Brown said.

“We’re going to reopen this place, this hallowed ground,” Barker said after the July announcement that the Cactus is coming back under new management. “We’re going to start with amazing evenings every Thursday with me, right here ... in the Neon Cactus.”

The bar was originally set to reopen Sept. 8. It later announced on its Twitter page that the opening was going to be delayed, but it was unclear when.

Brown said this time is for real. There will be a $5 entry fee like before, but people can buy $20 fast passes Saturday morning to skip the line.

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