9/6/22 Police Stock Photos, Purdue police car door

A former Purdue student was sentenced to six years on Friday after pleading guilty to child exploitation and child pornography charges.

Three of those years will be spent in the Indiana Department of Corrections, one in Tippecanoe County Community Corrections and two on supervised probation.

Daniel Tinnell, 19, was charged with child exploitation and three counts of child pornography in July after the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reported videos and photos from one of his social media accounts in September 2021 showing girls who appeared to be younger than 12, the probable cause affidavit reads. NCMEC then tipped off local authorities.

The videos on Tinnell’s account, “dantheman3421,” showed prepubescent girls engaged in various sexual acts with adult men, the charging document reads. In one, “the child can be heard crying uncontrollably.”

Police identified Tinnell by tracking his IP address and matching his appearance to selfies posted to the “dantheman3421” account.

His address was listed in court documents as Wiley Residence Hall, but Purdue spokesperson Tim Doty said Monday that Tinnell hasn’t been an enrolled student since December 2021.

Tinnell entered into a plea agreement on the two charges with the Tippecanoe County prosecutor’s office in November.

After the sentencing hearing on Friday, Judge Randy Williams ordered Tinnell to spend three years in the Indiana Department of Corrections, one in the Tippecanoe County of Corrections and two years on supervised probation.

On top of the time served, Tinnell will pay a $100 child abuse prevention fee and a $1,000 sexual assault victim’s assistance fee, and he will have to register as a sex offender for life.

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