3/28/21 Protect Purdue Gear

Protect Purdue masks and shirts. 

Purdue's Board of Trustees announced additional measures for the reopening of campus for this upcoming fall semester in a Saturday press release. 

Students must provide proof they've taken the vaccine by August 13 or they'll be subjected to routine surveillance testing throughout the semester, according to the release. Failure to participate in the testing would result in punitive action from the University. A first-time offense results in a conduct warning, a second-time offense results in a probated suspension and failure to participate for a third time would lead to a suspension from the University.

The release also provided details regarding quarantine protocols for vaccinated and unvaccinated students. The amount of time in quarantine a student with a high-risk exposure faces will vary depending on their vaccination status. Unvaccinated students are required to quarantine for 14 days after an exposure, while vaccinated students will be allowed to continue with class and their day-to-day activities normally, so long as they're asymptomatic.

Protect Purdue protocols haven't changed regarding students who test positive for COVID-19. Any student — vaccinated or not — will be required to self-isolate and not attend class.

Additionally, the university will not guarantee isolation and quarantine housing for those who test positive for COVID-19 or for those who have a high-risk exposure.

"As more and more students choose to get vaccinated and resources on campus are shifted back to normal operations," the press reads, "on-campus accommodations for those exposed to or infected with COVID-19 will be fewer in general and may not be available at any given time."

All students residing in campus housing, including fraternities, sororities and cooperative housing, must provide documentation that they're fully vaccinated or show that they've had a negative COVID-19 PCR or rapid-antigen test taken within five days before moving in to their university residence. Failure to provide either of these options could result in the student not being allowed to move in.

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