6/9/2020 Online courses, tuition

Students who choose to take all of their fall classes this semester online will pay tuition rates akin to summer session, per an announcement sent Tuesday afternoon to Boilermakers.

In a slew of details released via email to Purdue students Tuesday afternoon, Provost Jay Akridge said students have until July 1 to "opt in to the fully online fall academic experience."

The email also included a host of other updates relevant to online coursework, classes available remotely during the fall, Boiler Gold Rush and other details.

Online classes this fall

Online classes that will be offered in the fall represent "a subset of all available undergraduate course offerings," the email reads, and were picked based on past enrollment, administration input and their ability to meet students' plans of study. A full list of available courses was released in the email.

The email notes that students should be able to engage in their coursework at any time anywhere on the globe, regardless of time zones. Signing into the opt-in online coursework plan will void any fall housing contract made with Purdue, though students will be given an opportunity in October to apply for spring on-campus housing.

Those who chose the fully online option will pay the same tuition rates that students pay during the University's summer session, per the email.

Opting to take fully online courses could affect much of the student experience, a FAQ webpage released with the email said. The FAQ noted that by taking fully online courses, students' financial aid packages could change, the limited fully online course list could affect a student's time to earn a degree, housing contracts would be voided, and students might be removed from their placement in a learning community.

For students closer to earning their degree, the list of available coursework might not seem as helpful to them as to a new student.

"The list of courses was developed to ensure that new students could make progress toward their degrees," the FAQ reads. "Continuing students who are closer to graduation may consult with their advisers and faculty members to see if there are additional options that might be available, but not all on-campus courses will be available for online students."

The email provided a link to the FAQ about fall online coursework here.

For people on campus

Students on campus will probably take many or even all of their classes in a hybrid format this fall, according to the email. 

Students' registered fall class schedules could change between now and mid-July, according to the announcement, with open registration beginning by mid-July.

"Your class schedule may change, but every attempt will be made to give you the same courses and schedule as you had originally created, while keeping you safe," the Purdue FAQ webpage reads. "There is nothing you need to do at this time."

Tuition, housing and dining fees will remain flat for students on campus during the fall semester. 

The email also stated that though classes will transition to fully online after Thanksgiving break, "residence halls and dining courts will remain open for students who need/decide to remain on campus after Thanksgiving.

"Purdue University cannot require students to remain on campus at all times," the email states in another section. "However, students are strongly encouraged to minimize their travel during the semester."

The announcement also details possible policies on future get-togethers between students.

"Friendship is an important aspect of the college experience," it reads. "Although the necessary safety regulations may at first seem to minimize social interaction, the focus is on physically distancing rather than on social distancing. Purdue will continue to hold events and students will have opportunities to engage in social activities. However, these activities will be necessarily altered (e.g., < 150) to protect all members of the Purdue community. Students will also still have the opportunity to get involved in student organizations."

What about Boiler Gold Rush?

New student orientation programs BGR and BGRi, the international student equivalent, still plan to host students weeks before school starts this fall, according to Purdue's webpage. Students choosing the fully online option will also get a chance to engage "in elements of BGR and BGRi," the FAQ states.

Students must register for the program but will not be charged a fee if they're choosing to take classes fully online in the fall, according to the FAQ. More details on the online program will be announced later.

Future of career fairs

Most, if not all, career fairs will be held virtually this fall, according to the FAQ webpage, because of the University's restrictions on campus visitors. Thus online students should still be able to participate, barring practical limitations from time zone variations, the FAQ states.

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