10/13/19 Sports Betting

The Board of Trustees approved a new policy on Oct. 10 that bans students, faculty and staff from betting on Purdue sports. The measure was passed in part to protect the athletes, due to their proximity to other people at the university.

After a contentious decision by the Board of Trustees Oct. 10, Purdue students, faculty, staff and independent contractors are now banned from betting on any Boilermaker sports events, players or contests.

The details of the policy were announced Monday morning, and can be found on Purdue's policy webpage.

"Purdue University seeks to operate with the greatest of integrity and fair play in athletic competition," the policy reads. "Because the state of Indiana allows Sports Wagering on certain NCAA Division I sports, the general public may lawfully place Sports Wagers on Purdue’s Division I sports teams and student-athletes in this state.

"However, Purdue’s culture and values often call University faculty, staff and students to a higher standard than what the law requires."

The policy states that faculty and staff who violate the ban would be subject to discipline, which could involve termination. Independent contractors who plan bets on student-athletes will have breached their contract with the University, which could then be terminated.

Students who break the rules and wager on their classmates "will be subject to appropriate discipline under the Regulations Governing Student Conduct, according to the policy.

Those regulations are also found on Purdue's policy webpage, which lists several possible punishments for students found in violation of University policy. The punishments range from educational "informal action" on Purdue's part to expulsion, suspension, degree deferral, degree revocation and other sanctions, though the wagering policy doesn't note specifically what would happen to students who bet on Boilermaker sports.

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