4/23/20 Haarms

Matt Haarms announced his transfer over Snapchat at noon on Thursday. 

For the first time since he transferred from Purdue to Brigham Young University a few weeks ago, Boiler big man Matt Haarms spoke publicly about those reacting poorly to his decision.

“I had a phenomenal time at Purdue," Haarms said. "I greatly respect Coach (Matt) Painter, I greatly respect the staff there and all the players.” 

During the interview with a basketball podcast co-hosted by Mark Titus and Tate Fraiser, Haarms was asked for a message to his haters. 

“There’s been a lot of them over the years,” he responded. “But I know that they’re just like me. They’re just people that love the game of basketball and are extremely passionate about their university.” 

This interview comes Haarms' announced both his plans to leave Purdue and his commitment to Brigham Young University as a graduate transfer. 

Painter addressed both Haarms' and teammate Nojel Eastern’s decisions to leave Purdue in an interview on the Dan Dakich Show on May 13. 

“You might have gotten your degree from Purdue, but you’re not a Boilermaker if you walk out the door in the end,” Painter said, referring to Haarms having received his bachelor’s degree in political science from Purdue before his transfer. 

Titus asked Haarms what he wanted to say specifically to Purdue fans, affirming that Haarms “ is very much a Boilermaker, would always be a Boilermaker, and loved Purdue.”

 Haarms nodded enthusiastically. 

“In the end, my decision just came down to having to do something that was right for me, but I still have amazing respect for (Purdue)," he said. "I spent some of the best years of my life there."

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