Capt. Song Kang

Capt. Song Kang discusses Purdue's interest in equipping body cameras on June 24. Purdue announced police would acquire the technology less than a month later. 

Purdue police say they are close to equipping body cameras across the entire department.

"Infrastructure is there," PUPD spokesperson Capt. Song Kang said Wednesday. "We do have all the equipment in the department. We need to install it, and then train the users."

Training starts "next week," Deputy Chief Lesley Wiete said. 

PUPD, one of the last public university police departments in Indiana and the only one in the Big Ten without body cameras, announced its intent to deploy the technology in July, just 10 days after Chief John Cox expressed interest in it in a previous Exponent report.

The department will use BodyWorn software installed in officers' smartphones — the same technology used by the West Lafayette Police Department. 

Officers will invest several hours into training, Kang said, spanning from the basics of turning it on and off to using more complex features. 

One of those features, Kang explained, is referred to as "officer down," which sends an alert to dispatch and the officer if the body camera is no longer in an upright position. 

The training itself will last only one week, but neither Kang nor Wiete gave a specific time frame for when the cameras will be in operation. Kang said the department still expects to use the cameras this semester but is waiting on official word from the university. 

Purdue spokesperson Tim Doty said Thursday morning that he's unaware of any official start date, and that police will move forward whenever they are ready. 

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