After many students received Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) automatically early this fall, many have questioned how these dispersement allocations were made.

According to Purdue’s Division of Financial Aid, they looked to see “if students had any financial need.”

However, financial need is a highly arbitrary method of determining an individual’s ability to address COVID-19 incurred costs, especially given that an individual’s aid allocations from their financial aid package are already determined by an assessment of need.

Thus, the result of such a strategy is a conglomeration of funds among those deemed “worthy” due to their parents’ financial positions as opposed to that of the student.

Although the illogical practice of allocating aid based on expected parental contributions is nothing new, extending this strategy to leave the most vulnerable, aid-depleted students to bear the burden of COVID-19 incurred costs certainly is.

The result of this new policy simply extends the concerning and increasing proclivity in America to undermine the strive for equality that has always defined us.

-Dimitry Gordon, a senior in the College of Science

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