9/5/19 Chick-Fil-A off campus

Students will no longer have to drive approximately 20 minutes off of campus for Chick-Fil-A starting in fall 2020, but some University Senate members say allowing the business on campus will break with Purdue's inclusion policy.

Purdue confirmed Friday that, despite some student and faculty opposition to Chick-fil-A, the restaurant will be welcomed in Third Street Suites North in fall 2020.

"This clarification is intended to reassure our students and others that this long-requested dining option will not be taken from them and to dispel any impression that Purdue would ever seriously consider such an action," a statement reads.

The statement says not allowing the Chick-fil-A on campus wouldn't be practicing inclusion. 

"We would not be promoting choice and freedom by depriving thousands of people in our community of a choice they have long sought and are already taking advantage of in large numbers, and we would not be practicing inclusion by excluding a completely legitimate business and its staff from our campus," the release reads.

During its September meeting, the University Senate discussed an inclusion policy which, if passed, would require all on-campus vendors to follow Purdue's policy stating it is committed to maintaining an inclusive and diverse community.

The idea for the policy likely came about due to the announcement that Chick-fil-A, whose CEO has donated money to anti-LGBTQ organizations, will be offered on campus.

The Purdue Student Government passed a resolution last fall encouraging Purdue to bring the restaurant to campus, but current PSG president Jo Boileau said during the senate meeting that he is opposed to a Chick-fil-A on campus.

The restaurant will be bound to Purdue's non-discrimination policy, according to a press release.

"Like all Purdue vendors, the young woman franchisee, a Purdue graduate, has signed and observed a commitment of equal access and treatment in her employment and service practices."

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