7/17/18 ITaP new server

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UPDATE: As of about midnight, most of the affected sites and services were back online, including Blackboard Learn.

A brief power outage caused by routine utility maintenance resulted in Purdue servers going offline this morning.

The power outage, along with an electrical surge, brought several storage arrays offline.

According to a phone call with Purdue spokesperson Tim Doty, power has been restored, and servers are in the process of coming back online.

As of 8:45 p.m., Information Technology at Purdue websites, myPurdue, Blackboard Learn and swipe access for dining courts were affected. Many campus dining operations have been closed or are accepting cash only. Campus laundry facilities that rely on Boiler Express have also been unusable.

Some dining courts have responded by allowing students to use meal swipes by writing down students' ID numbers manually, to enter later when the system is back online.

According to ITaP spokesperson Greg Kline, ITaP is focusing on restoring services like Blackboard first.

“The first things that will start coming back up, as soon as we're able to bring things back up, are what we call student systems," said Kline. "Prominent among that is Blackboard."

The power outage and the ensuing surge wreaked havoc on the affected storage systems and the uninterruptible power supplies, which are supposed to protect ITaP’s systems from power failures. Despite this, Kline said that no data was lost.

Purdue Air Link, ResNet and research data systems were not affected by this outage.

According to Kline, there is no estimate on when Blackboard will come back online.

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