Mitch Daniels Stock Photos, Entrepreneurship Callout

Purdue President Mitch Daniels, who has just announced the tuition freeze will continue for another year, speaks at a meeting for entrepreneurs at the Anvil in January. 

The freeze continues — Purdue President Mitch Daniels announced Monday that the 2012 tuition freeze will continue for the eighth consecutive year.

In addition to the freeze, all West Lafayette campus staff with an income of $75,000 or less that have been employed as of Dec. 31 will receive a $500 appreciation payment this spring.  

The tuition freeze means that six graduating classes have now gone through Purdue without ever seeing an increase in tuition, according to a Purdue press release. 

"Indiana residents continue to pay less than $10,000 per year in tuition. Combined with room and board rates that have been held flat or lowered, current students' total cost of attendance is lower than in 2012-13," the release reads. 

The announcement comes after Purdue recorded its largest incoming freshman class in University history this past fall with 8,357 students, according to the release.

Purdue has also seen a considerable increase in fundraising and donations and has invested over a quarter-billion dollars into "necessary capital projects and priority initiatives," per the release.

Annual investments include $64 million for staff and faculty salaries and benefit increases and $76 million in research, infrastructure and academics. 

Non-recurring investments from Purdue include $64 million for a new biology and chemistry building with teaching labs set to open in fall 2020, $35 million for a veterinary medicine teaching hospital, pending approval from the state, $81 million for Purdue Moves initiatives, $44 million to assist new faculty getting started and $27 million for study abroad programs, summer offerings and other "strategic initiatives," the release says.

In the 2018 fiscal year, Purdue recorded $451.5 million in gifts from alumni, staff, faculty, students, retirees, foundations, corporations, parents and friends. 

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