Reconfigured triple in Tarkington, study rooms

A reconfigured study space in Tarkington hall has been redesigned to house three student beds. The beds are separated by interior walls, and share one exterior door that locks like a typical room would.

Purdue announced recently that many two-student rooms such as those found in Owen, Tarkington and Wiley Halls are to be converted into three-student residences to accommodate the largest incoming class Purdue has ever seen. To be blunt, this is a ridiculous and unreasonable measure to force on the student body after housing contracts have already been signed and filed for the year, since students signed up for housing during the spring, choosing based on the existing two-student scheme, not this nonsense of cramming another student into a room that barely fits two.

Altering the advertised deal is inherently unfair to the students of Purdue, who at this point in the summer are stuck with their choice to return. This move is also downright theft from the student body since many students like myself, have paid their housing rate expecting a two-person room with the space that entails. Having a large chunk of this living space cut away by the presence of another student is a downright con that forces students to pay full price for less space than the spartan offerings of a normal year and forces two students to be lofted against their will.

This would almost be bearable if the measures were in place of the traditional temporary housing that many freshmen must endure, but auxiliary housing still remains, meaning that even by filling students into rooms like sardines, there is still not enough housing to go around.

The bureaucrats of the Purdue administration are once again making it clear that they do not care for the student body beyond viewing each student as a piggy bank of tuition and fees, to be smashed open for money, as they continue to cram larger incoming classes into the university’s systems without expanding the infrastructure to support them.

- Henry Sackett, senior in the College of Engineering

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