5/22/20 Masks, Weronika Przybylo, Alexander Beric

Weronika Przybylo and Alexander Beric wear masks while walking through Chauncey Village. 

The University does not currently plan to test everyone after they arrive on campus, according to a FAQ posted on the Protect Purdue website.

"Testing is currently available on campus through the Protect Purdue Health Center," the FAQ reads. "As we near the fall semester, additional testing sites will be made available (and will still be scheduled through the PPHC, in order to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on the West Lafayette campus)."

At this time, the PPHC does not have any specific plans to provide antibody testing on campus, per the FAQ.

The PPHC's criteria for testing individuals is based on established medical protocols and is still developing testing and tracing protocols for students who test positive, according to the FAQ.

The center is also working on becoming capable of testing both symptomatic and asymptomatic close contacts, like roommates.

"We expect everyone to work with the PPHC to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 and to protect the health of the entire campus community," it reads. "Refusing to be tested or quarantined would be inconsistent with the Protect Purdue Pledge and will impact an individual’s ability to remain on campus."

The PPHC also asks that faculty, students and staff work through the center to schedule testing, to allow for appropriate staffing and to monitor those who have been tested.

All communication will be handled through the PPHC, the FAQ states. The testing and case management associated with the PPHC is free for students, employees and family members directly affiliated with the campus.

The PPHC is also asking students, faculty and staff getting tested outside of the PPHC to inform the center to support the Protect Purdue Pledge, per the FAQ.

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