4/5/20 PUPD cars

The Purdue University Police Department issues persona non grata orders to ban individuals from either certain parts of campus or Purdue as a whole, usually for one year.

Four people have been banned from campus since June 22: two former employees and two individuals with “no reason to be on campus,” Capt. Song Kang of the Purdue University Police Department said.

The individuals were issued persona-non-grata paperwork, orders that PUPD uses to bar individuals from entering certain campus buildings, University spaces or Purdue's campus as a whole.

PNGs have historically been issued to individuals who cause disturbances in campus buildings, students accused of sexual assault and others who are deemed dangerous or otherwise "unallowable."

Though the full list of everyone banned from campus is publicly available on PUPD's website, The Exponent is not naming the four people who were recently issued PNG orders because no criminal charges have been filed against them in reference to the orders as of Friday morning.

The first of the four PNGs was served to a former University elevator mechanic, on June 22. He was barred from campus for one full year.

Kang said the PNG was requested by Purdue's human resources department.

The man was separated from his job on May 14, according to Kaity Heide, Purdue legal services coordinator. She declined to say, however, whether this departure was cause by his resignation, layoff or termination.

“(The man) was never the subject of disciplinary process while employed at the University,” she said in an email.

The second PNG was issued to a 34-year-old man with no connection to Purdue, Kang said.

Kang said PUPD was alerted to a man who appeared to be wandering around Purdue Village and was suspected of stealing bike parts in the area. He said police found and apprehended the man, and officers received vague answers as to why he was in the area.

Officers searched his car and found tools, Kang said, that could indicate he was looking to steal bike parts or “do bad things in line with what the call (to PUPD) had implied.”

Kang said that by the time officers arrived, the man didn’t appear to be breaking any laws but “had no reason to be there, no Purdue affiliation,” so he was issued a PNG until July 2025. PNGs are typically issued for one year.

Another PNG was issued to a second Purdue employee on July 17.

A night custodian at the Niswonger Aviation Technology building allegedly threatened a coworker in a dispute between the two, according to Kang. He said the nature of the threats were not disclosed, as PUPD was informed and then responded to the incident about two days later.

Kang said the incident was connected to two other incidents of threats reported across campus, but he again said he did not know the nature of what these threats were.

“The PNG is there to add distance,” Kang said, explaining it was issued in conjunction with some human resources action, which he didn't disclose, to create a buffer between the custodian and the other employee.

The most recent PNG issue took place after a report came in about 6 p.m. Tuesday. PUPD responded to a complaint called in through CityBus, regarding a person who was publicly intoxicated, Kang said.

The 40-year-old man was homeless, Kang said, and was issued a PNG. The man had been riding the CityBus and had reportedly disembarked by the time police arrived. Officers confronted him near the Purdue Memorial Union.

Kang said the PNG was given because the man's alcohol concentration level was “so high we had to take him to the hospital (for) medical treatment.”

He said the man also had no affiliation to Purdue, and because of this and his high alcohol content, the decision was made to ban him from campus.

“Just because there's no affiliation, there's no reason for him to be on campus. We decided to PNG him, but he can certainly appeal if he should decide to appeal the decision,” Kang said. “It is a public university, but at the same time, when somebody is here, you have to abide by the facility rules, so therefore we will issue a PNG.”

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