1/7/18 Michigan, Shawn Streck

Redshirt freshman Shawn Streck takes on his opponent during the Sunday matchup at Holloway Gymnasium. Streck lost by major decision.

Purdue's standout heavyweight wrestler, Shawn Streck, is facing a no-contact order after allegedly threatening to harm his ex-girlfriend.

Purdue police received a report from authorities near Elmhurst College, in Elmhurst, Illinois, earlier this week about a Purdue student who traveled to the college to try to rekindle a former relationship, an attempt that turned hostile.

That student was identified by the victim as Shawn Streck, a nationally ranked heavyweight wrestler at Purdue. Purdue police arrested him on Tuesday.

On Oct. 13, authorities say Streck traveled to Elmhurst College to confront his ex-girlfriend at her residence hall. Despite being asked to leave, Streck remained.

The next day, he was allegedly found hiding in a residence hall bathroom.

Threatening text messages were sent by Streck over the coming days. In one photo, he was holding a gun, and reportedly threatening to "come after her if she did not continue to have a sexual relationship with him," according to court documents.

When questioned by police, Streck admitted to sending the ex-girlfriend an image of him holding a gun.

Prosecutors have yet to formally charge Streck, who was booked on a preliminary charge of intimidation with a deadly weapon. But authorities have requested Streck be held for an additional 72 hours, excluding the weekend, to allow police more time to investigate.

The 285-pound redshirt freshman was issued a persona non grata by the Purdue University Police Department on Tuesday, barring him from campus. Purdue spokesman Jim Bush said he was suspended from the University pending the completion of a criminal and internal investigation.

Streck remained in The Tippecanoe County Jail as of Friday afternoon, according to online jail records.

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