plyo app 10/27/19

The Plyo app allows students to get discounts at places like Greyhouse Coffee, University Bookstore and Chipotle.

With a new fitness app, students can now earn points to get rewards and discounts at local and national businesses.

The app, Plyo, was created to help college students maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Once students enter either the Co-Rec or the Turf Recreation Exercise Center, they can begin gaining points.

“You’re automatically checked into the app based on your location,” said Peter Schultze, co-founder and CEO of Plyo. “You earn 50 points per hour of exercise or 100 points if you add a friend to your session.

“I was inspired to help college students prioritize health and fitness despite having busy schedules. The goal was to make fitness fun by rewarding users with discounts towards their favorite brands and spots on campus.”

Students can get discounts at local stores and gift cards for online businesses, such as Greyhouse Coffee, Amazon and Chipotle.

Quentin Lange, a junior in the College of Health and Human Sciences, said he was able to get a free cappuccino at Greyhouse Coffee for 500 points. The next reward he plans on redeeming is a “buy one, get one” smoothie at Red Mango for 500 points.

Ten local and 13 online retailers currently have a reward system set up for students.

The app uses its partnerships to get discounts for its users but also gives its partners a way to advertise to potential new customers.

“We’re also creating a great advertising channel for brands,” Schultze said. “Offering rewards through Plyo is a unique way for our partners to connect with new customers.”

The company is currently focused on bringing the app to all other Big Ten campuses and has reached over 25,000 users with recent launches at Purdue, Ohio State University and University of Iowa, Schultze said.

The app first launched last September at the University of Minnesota.

“Over 3,000 students signed up in the first month,” Schultze said. “By the end of spring semester, we had 10,000 students using Plyo and 75% continued to log workout sessions 90 days after signing up.”

Since the first launch of Plyo, Schultze said the app has just hit over a million hours of exercise.

He said the creation of the app was based on his own experience with staying active.

“The idea for Plyo was born in a dorm room at ... Minnesota,” Schultze said. “I learned how hard it was to maintain an active lifestyle in college.”

Some students find the discounts Plyo offers motivate them to continue working out.

“It helps me stay more accountable with my workout schedule (and) healthy habits,” Lange said. “It helps me reach my goals in order to reward myself.”

While some students are already using the app, others have not got word of it yet.

“I haven’t really heard of the app,” said Christina Burzynski, a freshman in the College of Liberal Arts. “But I do think that it is a pretty great concept to get students out and moving.”

Burzynski said she will be looking into the app to get the rewards Plyo offers.

“I think it’s really important to stay healthy,” Burzynski said. “Also, who doesn’t love getting free stuff, especially as a broke college kid? So I’m definitely going to check it out.”

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