3/22/21 PSG, Shannon Wyrick

Olivia Wyrick, a sophomore in the College of Agriculture, and Shannon Kang, a junior studying political science, talk with students outside of Krach Monday afternoon.

Shannon Kang and Olivia Wyrick were elected student body president and vice president for the 2021-22 school year, Purdue Student Government announced Thursday.

Kang and Wyrick won the election again Tyler Mak and Alex Reed.

3/22/21 PSG, Shannon Kang, Olivia Wyrick

Shannon Kang, a junior in political science, and Olivia Wyrick, a sophomore in the College of Agriculture, talk to students during the tabling event on Krach lawn one afternoon.

PSG also announced other elected senate members for the upcoming year including:

  • College of Agriculture: Lillian Ferguson and Austin Berenda
  • College of Science: Eanna, Nicole DeGuzman
  • College of Engineering: Carly Fridlin, Mason Merkel and Hadley Knaus
  • Exploratory Studies: Evan Chrise and Eleanor DiDonna
  • Health and Human Sciences: Kamryn Bridges, Reina Amones and Mohamed Bouftas
  • Honors College: Michael Brown
  • Krannert School of Management: Andrew Askounis, Matthew Thomas and Adam Fichtner
  • College of Liberal Arts: Sophie Braun and Isheeta Khurana
  • Purdue Polytechnic Institute: Veronica Reynolds and Divya Nittur

"Many thanks to everyone who participated in the election," the email said. "We know that the elected candidates will work with you to make Purdue's campus the best it can be for all Boilermakers."

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