Purdue Village Preschool will be closing in May 2020, according to Kristen Stith, director of Purdue Village Preschool.

Stith said the building will be demolished and used as a part of the campus master plan.

The preschool has been used for families housed in Purdue Village. Since Purdue Village is in the process of demolition, the preschool program will end.

Though nothing has been officially confirmed by Purdue, Stith said another daycare may be built. This may run along with Purdue Research Foundation’s plan to redevelop the area for the Discovery Park District.

“I have heard that it’s in the plans to build another daycare center west of Airport Road,” she said.

Stith said she wasn’t sure if the new center would be a preschool or a daycare, but she said it wouldn’t be run by Purdue.

She said the Purdue Village Preschool has helped families all over the world, and Stith is sad to see it end.

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