7/31/2020 PUPD Sign

A rape in a University Residences building was reported to Purdue University Police Department on Thursday. 

The incident reportedly took place on Oct. 9 around 3 a.m., according to PUPD online logs. 

PUPD Capt. Song Kang said the incident was reported to a UR staff member and Campus Security Authority, as he said the victim was reportedly not comfortable formally reporting the incident. 

Kang said the CSA report documented that the incident occurred, but did not specify where it took place and "doesn't specify victim information." 

"It could've been staff, student or a visitor," he added. 

As the incident took place over a week ago, Kang said no timely warning was issued to the campus community, saying PUPD believes it poses no ongoing threat. 

"We don't think campus is in jeopardy at this point," he said. 

The Center for Advocacy, Response & Education is reaching out to the CSA to identify if the victim requires support, Kang said, adding that there is no obligation for the victim to report the incident to PUPD. 

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