02/27/21 Party Scene at Chauncey Pointe, Large Crowd

A crowd of about 100-150 students gathered behind the Chauncey Pointe apartment complex on Saturday afternoon. The majority of students were not adhering to social-distancing guidelines or wearing masks. 

At least 12 students are facing disciplinary action that may range from probation to expulsion after reportedly attending a party in an off-campus apartment building last weekend, a Protect Purdue press release announced Monday night.

The party, one of at least two over the weekend that violated Protect Purdue guidelines, hosted roughly 125 students in a single 750-square-foot unit inside an unidentified high-rise apartment complex, the release states.

Three of the 12 students have faced previous disciplinary action for Protect Purdue violations, according to the release.

The weekend featured an "abnormally" large amount of student activity, with multiple parties and student-organized events both Saturday and Sunday. One of the most prominent gatherings was a day party outside the Chauncey Pointe apartment complex, which featured nearly 150 people.

It is unconfirmed as of Monday night whether students will face disciplinary action for the Chauncey Pointe gatherings.

West Lafayette police logs from this weekend contained roughly 10 noise and party complaints reported between Friday night and Sunday morning. 

Potential disciplinary action for students at the parties in question is pending, the release said, as other violations or individuals are reported.

Three individuals whose addresses are listed at the Chauncey Pointe complex also saw noise complaints levied against them Monday in Tippecanoe County's court system.

“Nobody is saying that people should not enjoy each other’s company, especially outdoors,” Protect Purdue Health Center Chief Medical Officer Dr. Esteban Ramirez said in the release. “Our understanding of how this virus spreads has evolved over the last year, and everyone needs to remember the three C’s to protect themselves and others: Avoid closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact environments.”

The release said the PPHC has seen some individuals fail to comply with required surveillance testing and even skip multiple tests, and that students who fail to comply in the future could face "additional disciplinary action up to and including expulsion." 

This is not the first time Purdue has taken action against Protect Purdue violators.

Six students were suspended at the beginning of the fall semester for failing to comply with pre-arrival testing, the release said. Attendees of a party at the Circle Pines Cooperative were summarily suspended on Aug. 20, before classes began. 

Fourteen students, 13 of whom were student-athletes, were suspended after a dorm party in Griffin South Residence Hall on Sept. 26.

If this weekend's partygoers are expelled, they will be the first Purdue students to receive that level of discipline for Protect Purdue violations.

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