Lafayette Urban Ministry will create awareness for federal support programs available to low income families this Friday at its 12th Campaign for Hoosier Families.

The ministry is part of an organization of more than 40 churches with the mission of amending local policies which will improve the quality of life for Lafayette families as well as correct social injustices in the work environment.

The purpose of the campaign is to increase volunteer participation by bringing the community together to lobby for justified treatment of all workers. The campaign will also introduce visitors to public assistance programs which the ministry says will lead to economic stability for low-income families.

The ministry provides resources and support to local families. Their mission is to provide public assistance programs that provide direct resources to ensure that all members of the community are treated justly and no class of people are marginalized. The Ministry’s focus is helping low income families and children live in economic stability, according to Susan Brouillette, the executive director of Campaign for Hoosier Families.

“(The campaign) is dedicated to ensuring that public policy implemented at the local, state and federal levels safeguards low-income families and provides a pathway out of poverty through direct lobbying, grass roots advocacy and coalition building efforts,” said Brouillette.

The Ministry is hosting this event to inform the Lafayette population of how to benefit from understanding policy changes related to income tax credit, Medicaid expansion and immigration reform. The campaign also advocates for policy changes for temporary aid for needy families, food and nutrition programs and housing assistance, according to Xiaoyu Zhou, a junior in public relations.

The Campaign for Hoosier Families was recently successful in lobbying for policies establishing affordable health care coverage for the working poor by extending Indiana’s Medicaid plan with the Healthy Indiana Plan, Version 2.0, according to Brouillette.

“The more people involved in the campaign, the more effectively (the Campaign for Hoosier Families) can help low income families among West Lafayette area through advocacy of policy changes,” Zhou said.

Members of the ministry lobby with the Indiana General Assembly, local state legislators and congressional members by emphasizing where improvements in living and working conditions must be made. The campaign draws attention to community issues through social media networking and volunteers writing to Lafayette legislators.

The campaign’s greatest influence on Lafayette’s policy changes was its creation of awareness of the low income tax credit and the Medicaid Expansion, according to Zhou. These policies impacted the community by bringing friends and families together to provide volunteer support for low income families by educating them about strategies for obtaining affordable medical insurance.

Brouillette considers her greatest experiences with the campaign to have worked with Purdue communication students in prior campaigns to gather support for low income families. Purdue students worked with members of the Lafayette Urban Ministry to contribute $4.3 million to the Greater Lafayette economy.

“It has been a blessing for me to work the Purdue communication students who have been assisting us recruit volunteers for the Campaign for Hoosier Families as part of a class project,” Brouillette said. I have been impressed by their tremendous talent, creativity and ability to align their class project with our organization’s goals.”

The Campaign for Hoosier Families will be hosted from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the Lafayette Urban Ministry lobby.

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