Purdue trustees today approved a new gateway building, Dudley Hall, which will be built for the College of Engineering and Purdue Polytechnic on the east part of campus.

The hall will be named after Bill and Marty Dudley, who donated 11 million dollars for the construction.

The 145,000-square-foot facility will replace the Nuclear Engineering Building and Michael Golden Engineering Laboratories and Shops, officials said.

With increased enrollment in both colleges, the facility is meant to provide more space for students with house project-based instructional labs, design studios and collaborative spaces.

Mung Chiang, the dean of engineering, said options are being explored for relocating the nuclear engineering department.

“Nuclear engineering (will) be temporarily housed in the swing space, for example, in Potter Hall,” Chiang said.

The construction will begin March 2020 and is planned to be completed in May 2022. Cost of the construction is about $80 million.

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