Growing up playing softball, basketball and volleyball, a Purdue student in the College of Health and Human Sciences went off to college wanting to meet more people like her — not ones who were always so concerned with just school and the next party they were going to, but rather people that could have fun being active and health conscious.

Changing Health, Attitudes and Actions to Recreate Girls, more commonly known as CHAARG, has just begun to start up and has been introduced to 29 universities at the moment. It is a program designed for college-aged girls who are interested in being healthy and fit. This is a type of program that lets girls know they are relying on the elliptical at the gym way too much.

“CHAARG gives you opportunities to find different ways to stay fit from piloxing, to aerial yoga, to fitness scavenger hunts, to relays and so much more. They give you a support system to help you out when you need it. They don’t just try and help you stay healthy physically, but also mentally. They help you find your fitness (regimen) that tailors to what you like to do, while also encouraging you to focus on what you put into your body as well,” said Nicole Shields, a senior in the College of Health and Human Sciences.

Not only does CHAARG offer a training partner for a race, workouts that will make it hard to walk the next day and workouts that you’ll wish you could do over and over again, but CHAARG offers social events aside from exercise to help the girls get to know one another.

There is a $45 fee to join since CHAARG is a national organization. The fee helps to keep the program running and helps fund socials and events. CHAARG is also figuring out ways every day in which they can expand the program.

“We want every college girl (and all girls in general) to feel empowered and supported to be the best she can be. We partner with a lot of studios in Lafayette who spread our name as well as partnering campus organizations such as The LaLa and KIND to get our name out. We maintain this group by really getting to the know the girls personally and focus on making it a positive experience — or as we like to say it — ‘good vibes only.’ It’s a lot of work for the Exec team, but we all love to do it and hardly even consider it work. It’s our passion,” said Jill Tonne, the media contact for CHAARG and a sophomore in the College of Health and Human Sciences.

CHAARG has impacted many girls’ lives in a positive way and has introduced them to be opened minded about workouts they have never tried before. It has also shown girls that staying fit is a lot more fun when you’re doing a variety of workouts, which prevents your body from adjusting to your usual workouts and thus reducing results.

“When you feel like taking the easy way out, or you’re tired, and then you look at Instagram and see how the other girls kill their workouts or are making progress, it makes you so happy and makes you want to push harder until you get where you are going,” said Shields. “You can tell them (other CHAARG members) how it wasn’t your best week ever and how you wish you could have done better and they will pick you up and let you know it’s okay.”

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