Emily Primm

Emily Primm, Fall 2022 Exponent Editor-in-Chief

I hope you’re all buckling up, because this will be a crazy year.

Purdue President Mitch Daniels will hang up his “university president hat” at the end of the year after spending 10 in Hovde Hall – and he’s already promised more big news coming before he leaves.

The first national elections since 2020 are right around the corner.

Another record-setting-sized freshman class is joining us (welcome, you guys), and we’re all wondering what’s next for Purdue athletics after one of the best years in recent memory for just about every Boilermaker team.

And if any of you have any more story ideas, my email (editor@purdueexponent.org) is always open.

The Exponent is ready for it all.

I started at The Exponent my freshman year in August 2020, and that wasn’t a dull time, either. As tough as that year was for all of us, the student newspaper got me through. It gave me the opportunity to talk to people – a rarity at the time. I quickly became immersed in the Purdue and West Lafayette communities, and I met people I’ll keep with me for the rest of my life (if they’ll let me).

I fell in love with Purdue’s community, learning about it and telling people what I knew. The first time I walked into Mackey Arena, I was overwhelmed. It was as if the history of the place radiated from the walls and the stands. And there was a lot of space for that energy to bounce around, because only 100 or so fans were inside. Mackey’s better when filled with people, for sure.

Then the game started, and I was overwhelmed all over again. Sports reporting was more of a challenge than I expected. As soon as the final buzzer sounds, the adrenaline and rush to type and stat-check as fast as possible to finish a story are unmatched.

Reporting on Purdue Student Government Senate meetings was a different kind of pressure, I learned. Those meetings happen to take place at the same time as we’re putting together our Thursday print edition, and I found my niche sitting in the second-floor lecture hall of Pfendler Hall with both of my editors editing what I wrote as I wrote it to make it by deadline.

I haven’t had the time since I joined the editorial staff last fall to report on PSG, and it’s probably for the best that I haven’t had time to report on basketball, either, so we can leave that to our more talented sports writers. Instead, I watched our next generation of reporters and photographers fill those roles “out in the field.”

In the meantime, I spent my days on the second floor of 460 Northwestern Ave. learning how to report on breaking news, lead reporters and stick to AP style rules – despite, personally, being an avid Oxford comma supporter. I’ve grown as a writer, a leader and a member of our community.

Speaking of new generations, I met some of the record-breaking freshman class Saturday at the annual B-Involved Fair at Boiler Gold Rush. Talk about excitement.

The sunburn from standing in the Intramural Fields for four and a half hours was worth handing out copies of our Welcome Back edition to freshmen who didn’t know Purdue had a student newspaper, persuading some of them to come to our callout (on Aug. 30 at 6:30 p.m.), and meeting the new students who sought out our table because they came to West Lafayette ready to join us.

I’m thrilled to start working with them soon − and any of you who are interested − and show them why our incredible staff and I work so hard to carry on the 133-year legacy of The Exponent.

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