Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Office car

Tippecanoe County sheriff's vehicle

An Asian Purdue graduate student was the victim of an alleged race-related harassment on Sunday night, Tippecanoe County police say. 

The victim was working out at the gym in the Alight apartment complex on Sagamore Parkway when a white male approached him and told him to “Go back to China,” among other comments, Sheriff Robert Goldsmith said. 

Two Black males then joined in on the harassment, the graduate student told police, and threw a water bottle at him. He also told police that someone hit him on the arm, Goldsmith said.

In a written response to the Exponent, Haley Mauldin, assistant general manager of Alight said the Alight community was troubled to hear about the incident and planned on cooperating with police to bring the individuals to justice.

“We sympathize with the resident affected and we are doing everything we can to work with the local police department in holding the individuals responsible for their actions,” Mauldin said. “We do not believe that the individuals responsible for the assault are residents in our community.”

Alight declined to provide security tapes to the Exponent, but confirmed that the footage was given to the police.

There are no suspects as of Tuesday afternoon.

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