Catharsis Sex Signals Program

The "Sex Signals" manual is part of the program at least 95% of Purdue fraternity members must attend, or they will face a $5,000 fine.

Purdue fraternities will be required to attend a program designed to combat and open up conversations about sexual misconduct.

The program, produced by Catharsis, will be supplemented by two manuals: “Sex Signals” and “The Hook Up Manual.”

“Due to the sexual misconduct occurring around our campus and community, IFC and PHA have decided to mandate a 95% chapter attendance requirement (which includes new members),” Logan Neil, vice president of risk management for the Interfraternity Council, said in an email sent to all chapters. “Along with this heavy attendance requirement, we will be issuing a $5,000 fine for each chapter that does not meet this attendance requirement.”

The email also encouraged that the $5,000 fine be distributed among chapter members who do not attend the session, further incentivizing individual attendance.

The new requirement comes after multiple sexual assaults were reported among the Greek life community in recent weeks. Students protested at last Friday’s board of trustees meeting, hoping to see changes in the Greek community to prevent sexual assaults.

The program by Catharsis supports active listening and participation among those who are taking part and has supplementary questions to further discuss the issues after the presentation.

It also highlights how to “support survivors and hold perpetrators accountable” in the “Sex Signals” manual, listing how individuals can affect the lives of those who have been involved in a like situation.

“It is also expected that all of your members are attentive for the hour that you will be present,” Neil said. “Due to the extreme disrespect and lack of attentiveness during (New Member Orientation), I have reached out to the programming individuals to inform me of any chapters not paying attention or being disrespectful.”

Chapters that are identified as not paying attention or disrupting the program will also be fined the full $5,000, the email stated.

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