10/24/20 Spin Scooter

A Spin scooter, a common sight and easy way to get around Purdue's campus, is parked on the sidewalk of Waldron Ave.

Purdue Student Government has paired with Spin to offer students and faculty free rides to the polls on Election Day.

“I saw that other companies were doing free scooter rides in cities for Election Day, so we contacted Spin to ask if this was a possibility for Purdue’s campus,” said Shannon Kang, a junior in political science who is a West Lafayette city councilor and the Press Secretary of PSG.

On Election Day, the Spin app will send out a notification reminding users of the event. All users have to do is type in the promo code “SPINTOVOTE,” and $10 will automatically be loaded into their account.

Spin began its “Spin to vote” campaign earlier this year. Kang said the campaign was originally focused on cities, but Spin decided to expand the initiative to college campuses.

“They already had the idea in mind, so when Purdue reached out to them, they loved the idea, and immediately jumped on board,” she said, adding that other Big Ten schools like the University of Michigan will participate in this campaign.

To determine the ideal placement for Spin scooters to best assist students, Kang said she worked with Aaron Madrid, Purdue’s alternative transportation coordinator, and PSG President Assata Gilmore to map out locations that were densely populated with students.

“I placed many scooters near the dorms,” Kang said. “We also included the Blackbird Farms area, as well as other housing by Chauncey.”

This initiative is not limited to faculty members and students — anyone on Purdue’s campus or in Lafayette who has the Spin app downloaded on their phone can participate.

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