6/25/13 DC-3 Display

An original DC-3 sits in a Purdue Airport hangar several years ago.

The historic plane “Flagship Detroit,” also known as the Douglas DC-3, will be on campus Wednesday and Thursday at Purdue University Airport.

The plane, which was scheduled to be at Purdue on Tuesday, was in Tennessee due to the weather. It will be arriving at Purdue around 4 or 5 p.m. today.

Rides are free with an annual membership, which is $100. The annual membership allows members to ride on the plane at other events. A schedule of events can be found at https://www.flagshipdetroit.org/Pages/upcoming_events.htm.

Tom Taff, a Purdue alumnus and retired American Airlines pilot, has been a pilot since 1967. He said he got to fly a DC-3 place when he was a student at Purdue, and he will fly the restored DC-3 when it comes to Purdue this week.

The plane was made early 1937, and it is the oldest DC-3 still flying. Taff said American Airlines allowed its trademark to be used, making it look “just like it did in the day when American Airlines flew it."

Today, the Detroit is flown at air shows all over the country.

Some of his friends bought the airplane, he said, and he’s been flying this particular DC-3 for several years.

“This was an opportunity to restore a truly historic airplane,” he said, “and share it with people around the country.”

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