7/31/2020 PUPD Sign

An anonymous rape kit was recently delivered to the Purdue University Police Department, the result of an alleged sexual assault in a campus residence hall.

“It allegedly occurred in an unknown residence hall, and the victim wanted to remain anonymous,” said Capt. Song Kang.

Report of a rape showed up in online logs Monday morning, though Kang did not specify when PUPD received the kit.

The rape kit was completed at Franciscan Health Lafayette East, according to Kang. The hospital called PUPD to take custody of the kit. Hospital interviews indicated the incident took place on campus, Kang said.

Kang said he did not know if the rape took place the same night it was reported. He noted victims do not often report sexual assaults immediately.

“It could have been 24 hours ago, 48 hours ago,” Kang said. “Sometimes there is a slight delay. ... It is not unreasonable for them to wait another day (to report).”

A U.S. Department of Justice report states that most jurisdictions consider DNA evidence effective if it is collected up to five days after the occurrence of a sexual assault.

Since the victim has not reported the incident directly to PUPD, Kang said the department has logged the rape kit but will not yet proceed with any action.

“Hopefully the victim will come forward and report it to us or the local police department so that we can look into the case,” he said, “but we have to wait until he or she is comfortable.”

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