9/9/19 University Senate

Cheryl Cooky, the chair of University Senate, speaks at the meeting this afternoon.

Editor's note: The inclusion resolution did not pass and will be voted on in October, though the voter ID resolution passed overwhelmingly, according to senator Alice Pawley. The Exponent regrets this mistake.

A voter ID resolution passed with a two-thirds vote at University Senate's Monday meeting.

Inclusion resolution

The inclusion resolution would require all commercial entities on campus to abide by University Policy III.C.2, which states that Purdue is committed to maintaining an inclusive and diverse community and does not tolerate or condone discrimination against any individual on any basis.

Purdue Student Government President Jo Boileau received a round of applause after speaking in favor of the resolution, using his experience as an openly gay student to highlight the struggles of certain minorities on campus.

Linda Prokopy, professor of forestry and natural resources, also spoke in favor of the resolution.

"There are students, there are staff and there are faculty on this campus who are hurting by a decision made by this University," she said regarding the recent announcement that Chick-fil-A will be in one of the residence halls at Purdue.

Voter ID resolution

Currently, for students to vote with a Purdue ID card, they have to pay $10 for a new card with an expiration date.

The senate passed a resolution that urged Purdue to provide students IDs for voting purposes at no cost.

"I think this is really simple. If it's the mission of the administration to improve civic engagement among students we need to provide them the avenues to do so," Boileau said during the discussion of the resolution.

Faculty health care plans, along with a resolution on airport parking reimbursement, were also addressed at the meeting.

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