Purdue officials confirm that a teaching assistant was shot dead in a laboratory class around noon on Tuesday.

An Electrical and Computer Engineering class in the Electrical Engineering Building was the site of Tuesday's shooting. The Exponent has learned that in ECE 362, "Micro-procesessor and system design" taught by David Meyer was the lab session.

A suspect is in custody and there is no immediate danger on the Purdue campus at this time.

Purdue Police Chief John Cox has confirmed one death at the press conference being held on Purdue's campus. Cox also confirmed one suspect is in custody.

Purdue President Mitch Daniels is in Colombia on a trip to promote Purdue.

Provost Tim Sands is speaking on behalf of the President's office in a press conference at this time.

The lab meetings for the class are canceled



The Purdue University Police Department just reported that there was a shooting in the Electrical Engineering Building.

The police encourages students to avoid the area.

Erica Ambrose, a senior in the School of Agriculture, was in class in the Electrical Engineering building during the alleged shooting. 

"We heard shouting downstairs and it sounded like people were running through the hallways, just yelling at each other," said Ambrose

"We heard the sirens and we looked out the window to see they had somebody in handcuffs," said Ambrose. "Then, the fire alarms went on to evacuate, so we came outside. When we got out, that's when we got the text to avoid the area."

"We didn't actually hear the gunshot. We just heard yelling."

Felicia Leibering, a freshman in the Krannert School of Management, was in EE 129 during the alleged shooting.

"I was sitting in class and all of the sudden, we just heard yelling. Then, the teacher had someone look out the window to see what was going on. He didn't see anything, so we just ignored it," said Leibering.

"Then, a cop came in and told everyone to evacuate in an orderly manner. Everyone was running — cops were around on the stairs and lining the street," said Leibering.

Leibering continued to say that students released from lecture were given no further instructions.

Police scanner reports a possible accomplice was found in an Armstrong bathroom on the main floor. Possible accomplice was detained.

Heavilon Hall is reported to be on lockdown.

Liz Evans from Purdue Marketing and Media reported the shooting in the Electrical Engineering building. One person is in custody. Students should remain sheltered in place until further notice.

Purdue faculty is advised to not release students from classrooms.

Police are in the process of clearing buildings.

The Exponent will continue to follow this story.

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