4/2/20 Purdue Board of Trustees Presentation

President Mitch Daniels briefs the Board of Trustees about how the University is handling financially during the COVID-19 pandemic during a Webex meeting. 

The ground floor of the Purdue Memorial Union is getting a makeover.

The Board of Trustees approved quality and infrastructure improvements for the retail dining space in PMU, with construction beginning September 2020, via a WebEx meeting Thursday afternoon.

“Purdue Memorial Union has been the center for many, many years of our student activities and some cases our community activities,” board member Gary Lehman said. “But it is aged without a doubt, and it needs renovation to meet the needs of the community today. When this is completed, I think it will be pretty spectacular to use this facility for the next several generations.”

The PMU renovations are scheduled to finish January 2022.

The board also looked to Purdue President Mitch Daniels to give a status report of the University and how it is adjusting fiscally to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The University is pausing bonuses and instituting a hiring freeze into the next fiscal year until further notice.

“We were announcing ... 3% pay increases,” Daniels said. “We’re just going to have to postpone until we know what the future holds.”

Daniels reported that the University is in a position to continue to pay faculty and staff through June 30 as he committed to on March 30.

“We think we can marshal the resources to keep going at least through June 30 with no other personnel actions,” Daniels said.

A 225-acre piece of land at N. 375 West in West Lafayette owned by the McKinnis Farm Corporation was approved to be purchased for $3 million. The land is planned for agricultural research related to large-plot advanced robotics.

The board also named a number of buildings. Third Street Suites and Third Street North will be named Griffin Hall South and North, respectively. The new STEM teaching lab building will be named the Chaney-Hale Hall of Science.

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