UNITE hosts worship night at Loeb Playhouse

The University Network for Inclusive Training and Experience (UNITE) program is aimed at helping all Purdue students feel accepted and supported no matter their race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or life experiences.

On Saturday night, many of the various Christian campus ministries joined together for an all-campus worship night at Loeb Playhouse.

Numerous Christian religious organizations have a presence on campus and at times they may appear to be separated from one another. The purpose of UNITE is to bring all the distinct Christian churches together as one to show that each group has the same general purpose.

“UNITE shows that we are all a body of believers and that we all share the same goal which is to glorify Christ,” said Neale Moore, a freshman in the College of Engineering who attended the event. Moore is a member of the City of God Church, as well as part of the group the Navigators, a student organization with the goal of making God known to all throughout campus. His brother, Josh Moore, was one of the organizers of the event.

By participating in events like campus worship night, students have the ability to join in a community with those outside of their own specific churches. “I think that creating a sense of community on campus is very important because a lot of times it becomes too focused on the different groups and less about the actual goal of glorifying God,” said Moore.

The night of worship was meant to show that though some of the Christian groups on campus do have different practices, they can be united through the ways in which they are the same.

Upon arriving at the event, students were encouraged to sit with people from other denominations and to reach out to those outside of their own parishes and churches.

A live band performed spiritual songs and many attendees sang along. Several students came forward to give moving testimonies about how their own faith has transformed their lives. Those who attended also had the opportunity to break up into small groups and share in prayer together.

Josh Moore, who is a junior in the College of Engineering, said that he hoped people who attended would take away “the experience of the unity of the Body of Christ and of God’s spirit in a fresh way.”

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