1/30/20 tampon dispenser box

The feminine product dispensers in the Psychological Sciences building give out free boxes of pads and tampons with cardboard applicators.

Bathrooms across Purdue campus will be stocked with free menstrual products, announced Purdue's administration two weeks before the second reading of the University Senate's resolution to do just that.

Purdue spokesperson Tim Doty confirmed the University would be offering free menstrual products in bathrooms Thursday morning. Purdue President Mitch Daniels made the announcement earlier through an interview with WLFI News 18, during which he mentioned he didn't think there would be a problem with students taking more products than they actually need.

Despite the administration's decision to move ahead, professor and senate member Audrey Ruple said the senate would still be voting on the matter during its February meeting.

"We are not foregoing a vote," Ruple said in a phone interview. "It will be a confirmatory vote."

She said it's still important for the senate to vote on the resolution, both for the body's records and to show what the senate finally decides on the free menstrual product program. Though the administration is moving forward and could hypothetically make progress before the next University Senate meeting on Feb. 17, the senate still plans to take official action on its agenda item.

"We're all on the same page," Ruple said, clarifying she's happy the administration and the senate are moving toward the same goal.

Details on exactly which bathrooms will be stocked and by whom were not available early Thursday morning. The original plan focused on women's and gender-neutral bathrooms.

The plan Ruple laid out during January's meeting listed the cost of adding free dispensers and retrofitting coin-operated ones at about $30,000.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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