Students are pleased with the news that Tyler Trent, the late Purdue alumnus and athletics superfan who touched the lives of many during his time at Purdue, will be honored with a memorial at Ross-Ade Stadium.

President Mitch Daniels announced Wednesday that Purdue will be renaming Gate E to Gate "T2" as a tribute to the young sports fan who died at age 20 of bone cancer. Near the gate, a plaque will read “Forever Our Captain” along with an image of Trent.

Students took the news as a positive way to remember Trent and his contributions to Purdue.

Haylie Routburg, a sophomore in the College of Health and Human Sciences, knew Trent through Purdue University Dance Marathon and is friends with people who knew Trent in high school.

“I think that since he motivated a lot of people and represented Purdue so well, it’s the least Purdue can do, especially since it made national headlines and influenced so many people,” Routburg said.

Austin Hu, a freshman in the College of Science, said, “He played a huge role in sports like football and basketball. He fought for cancer and was so brave; we should all learn from him.”

Natasha Moe, a freshman in the College of Engineering, was moved by the number of students in favor of the memorial.

“It’s just a really sweet tribute. There’s a lot of support from students,” Moe said.

The memorial is set to be ready before the 2019 football season.

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