Katie L. BoumanAssistant Professor of Computing and Mathematical SciencesEngineering and Applied ScienceCredit: Caltech

Katie Bouman, assistant professor of computing and mathematical sciences engineering and applied science at California Institute of Technology

In March, Katie Bouman will be visiting the Purdue Honors College for the third annual Aronson Family Science and Society Honors Lecture, according to a Purdue News Service release.

“Dr. Bouman’s work is emblematic of the kind of interdisciplinary collaboration that leads to thriving innovation and the approach to learning we offer in the Honors College,” said Rhonda Phillips, dean of the Honors College, per the release. “We’re thrilled to host her visit to campus, and look forward to the insights she will bring to campus and the community.”

Originally from West Lafayette, Bouman is best known for her work with the Event Horizon Telescope as a postdoctoral fellow. In April 2019, the EHT was the first to publish a picture of a black hole, and Bouman gained internet fame after a photo of her reacting to the discovery went viral. Bouman is a Rosenberg Scholar and currently works as an assistant professor of computing and mathematical sciences and electrical engineering at the California Institute of Technology.

The event, “Portrait of a Black Hole,” is at 6 p.m. on March 3 in Honors Hall, per the release. There will be a reception beforehand, starting at 5 p.m. in the same place. The presentation is free, but tickets are required. Tickets can be found at the box office in Stewart Center or online.

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