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A line of cars waits outside of the McCutcheon Garage to enter the COVID-19 testing site for Early and Summer Start students. 

After administering more than 400 COVID-19 tests since the beginning of June, Purdue Athletics has announced that 27 individuals have tested positive for the virus.

Purdue Athletics released COVID-19 test results as of Thursday, July 23 in a press release earlier today.

The University has administered 415 tests to student-athletes, coaches and staff during the phased return to campus that started on June 8.

Within that group, 27 individuals tested positive in the past six weeks. Of those, 22 individuals have completed isolation, the release states, leaving five people with active cases.

People who tested positive were generally asymptomatic or had minor symptoms, and no one has required hospitalization, according to the release.

Purdue Athletics conducts daily medical check-ins and monitors those in quarantine. The release stated that Athletics will "provide a weekly update each Friday."

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