4/16/18 Purdue fountain in April

A typical walk around Purdue’s campus in the summer once included stopping to gaze at one of the five fountains placed around the grounds.

But this year, you'd see none of the fountains flowing. 

The short answer to why? Money. 

Around springtime each year, the fountains are typically turned on, but this year staff at the Physical Facilities decided to keep them off, said Tim Doty, Purdue spokesperson.

“The number of people on campus started to decrease right about the time Physical Facilities staff would typically turn on the fountains,” Doty said this week. 

So, keeping in mind fewer students are going to be around and the costs of operating the fountains, the decision was made to keep them off.

Though this isn’t a permanent closure, the fountains will be off at least for the summer.

“Fountain operation will be reevaluated before the start of the fall semester,” Doty said. He didn’t have information on how much money this was actually saving the university. 

The fountains aren’t the only thing on campus staying closed for most of the summer, either. The Purdue Farmers Market is cancelled as well, Doty said. 

Doty said the farmers market had to close through July to follow the University's guidance on the cancellation of events.  

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