11/18/18 Hillenbrand Hall

Hillenbrand Residence Hall

Editor's Note: A previous version of this story said that a resident found knives stabbed into her bed and Lysol in her coffee and shampoo, both of which were claims reported in Purdue University Police Department dispatch logs. PUPD has informed The Exponent that its account of events was incorrect, and the story has been updated to reflect new information.

A resident of Hillenbrand Residence Hall had a verbal disagreement with her roommate about 11 p.m. Saturday night, after which her roommate reportedly placed a plastic butter knife and a utility knife on her bed and sprayed her desk with Lysol.  

Purdue University Police Department Capt. Song Kang said the suspect in the incident was upset that her roommate yelled at her.

The roommate told police that she placed the two knives, both of which are allowed in dorms, on her roommate's bed because the student who called police had yelled at her, according to Kang. 

Kang clarified that the knives were not stabbed into the bed, and said he was not sure if the gesture was meant to be symbolic. 

The suspect reportedly sprayed only the victim's desk with a common cleaning product and did not place it into the coffee or shampoo like the PUPD logs reported, according to Kang. 

Kang said the severity of the situation was misconstrued as the report went through a resident assistant and dispatchers before being reported in public police logs. The story may have changed during "phone tag," he said.

He said the person who reported the incident has since moved out of Hillenbrand for the semester.

The incident was originally classified as a "threat" in PUPD logs. Kang said the department will still investigate the situation, as it could potentially be something that the roommate perceived as a threat.

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