Micheal Berghoff

Michael Berghoff, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees has a new chairman with a lot of Purdue pride.

Mike Berghoff had a full Purdue student experience. During his time as a student, he lived in Owen Hall, rushed Theta Chi fraternity, served on the Purdue Student Publishing Foundation board and played football.

“Being involved in (Theta Chi) provided leadership opportunities; I ended up being the president of the house. I think that helped a lot with managing opinions on what’s best for an organization,” said Berghoff.

He went on to say that he wasn’t very good at football, but it taught him all the things about becoming a team member and more importantly, how to manage his time and priorities.

“I think the primary role of the Board is to support President Daniels in his efforts to enhance the reputation of the University,” said Berghoff. “There’s a lot we are proud of and if we share it with others, it helps with recruiting the best students, faculty and staff.”

Some things Berghoff intends to do while he serves as the chairman are continuing to support the athletic department in their efforts to win championships, improving how it feels to be on campus and seeing the State Street project move forward.

“(State Street) provides opportunities for students to live on campus ... Maybe (adding) some additional housing could combine with retail restaurants to develop a little more sense of community,” he said. “With endorsement and encouragement from the Board, we want to get all the projects done.”

Berghoff believes that he can relate to students and the community because he has experienced some of the same things Purdue families go through.

“I think part of what I bring is, first, I’m a Purdue parent, which allows me to interact and socialize with other Purdue parents and I learn quite a bit how Purdue is perceived by them,” he said. “I live and work in Indianapolis, so I have a lot of exposure to regional leaders.”

Vice Chairman of the Board Thomas Spurgeon has served Purdue for 11 years and is confident in Berghoff’s abilities.

“When I was chair, it seemed like it was my time to major-up to the chairmanship and lead the trustee team. Now, Mike’s coming in and has about six years on the board so he’s primed and ready to go,” said Spurgeon.

Spurgeon also believes Berghoff’s entrepreneurial and focused mindset will help him serve the Board well.

“He’s got a real passion for the school, not only being a graduate but (having been on) the football team when he was here,” said Spurgeon. (He’s had) a couple of daughters be students at Purdue, so he’s ready for the role.”

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