Purdue has delayed bids for constructing the new computer science building until Sept. 14.

Originally scheduled for August, the bidding phase of the project has pushed the construction of the new $20 million facility back a little less than a month

Susan Hutson, who is overseeing the development of the building, said the delay could help the University get a better bid from contractors for the computer science building. If bidding had gone as originally scheduled, the University would be receiving bids at the same time as other projects.

"We just delayed it for a short while," she said. The project will begin shortly after bids have commenced.

Donna Kemper, parking manager for physical facilities, said the location of the new building will fall on the corner of the Third and University streets, which will result in the loss of the two parking lots between Third and Fourth streets on University Street on Oct. 1. In addition, all "C" garage spaces in the University Street Parking Garage will be removed by Aug. 16 and replaced with "A" permit parking.

To compensate for this, Kemper said the University will expand the south lot at Gates Road and Nimitz Drive by 632 spaces. By the time the University finishes expanding the parking lot, she said, 1,200 "C" lot parking spaces will be available to students.

Other expected construction moves involved with the new computer building include lane restrictions for University Street between Third and Fifth streets for the next year.

Fourth Street, from Waldron Street to the alley between Waldron and University, will also close today to install a storm sewer for the new building; however, the same area on Third Street will reopen Tuesday.

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