11/5/20 CAPS Election Stress

As mail-in ballots prolong the election, Counseling and Psychological Services is hosting election stress discussion groups, moderated by therapists, for students who might need them.

Counseling and Psychological Services is hosting virtual opportunities for students to discuss their emotional reactions and ways of coping with current political stress ahead of Inauguration Day.

The website clarified that the purpose of the discussions is not to cause debates; the conversations are meant to provide support during this stress-inducing time.

“The uncertainty of these times as well as the mental and emotional impact of recent events including the insurrection at the Capitol building can result in a myriad of feelings and reactions,” CAPS website says.

The discussion will have general hours, as well as hours that will be hosted in partnership with various cultural houses and agencies, to ensure the needs of all students are being met, the website says.

"The American Psychological Association reports that '77% of Americans say the future of our nation is a significant source of stress, and 68% say that they are stressed by the current political climate'," CAPS website cites.

The meetings are taking place throughout the week and the full list of times can be found here.

Purdue administrators have tried to mitigate some of the stress students may feel about disruptions to a peaceful transition of power in public statements. 

Katherine Sermersheim, the dean of students, encouraged students to appreciate individual differences while coming together as Boilermakers in her email Tuesday. 

"Riots, violence and destruction, regardless of a person’s beliefs, are contrary to democracy and are polar opposite of progress, civility, respect and all things that make citizenship in a free society possible," Sermershiem said. "Reflecting on recent events, I challenge us all to remain true to our values as a community."

Purdue President Mitch Daniels condemned the violence at the Capitol and recognized Joe Biden as the incoming president in his welcome-back video Friday.

In tandem with the statements, Purdue has announced Inauguration Day programming meant to educate students on topics such as the history of peaceful transitions of power and to defense of truth against misinformation.

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