9/28/18 PUPD Dodge Charger

Purdue University Police Department officers chased a man into Purdue Village after he trespassed into his friend’s apartment in Aspire at Discovery Park.

It was not Nawaf Alrwaly’s first encounter with the police.

“There were multiple encounters starting August of last year,” Capt. Song Kang said in a phone interview. “We met with Mr. Alrwaly ... because of some kind of domestic situation.”

Alrwaly entered campus property again Friday. When his friend attempted to call the police, he blocked her.

“When we arrived, he fled the scene,” Kang said. “We found him in (Purdue Village) hiding behind a building.”

Alrwaly was arrested for resisting law enforcement and trespassing.

Nawaf Alrwaly was placed on the persona non grata list for Purdue’s campus Aug. 21 last year. His persona non grata status was renewed with his recent arrest for the next year.

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