2/16/21 Purdue Snow Day, Police Car

A police car carefully patrols snow-covered streets. 

A rape from 2014 in Hilltop Apartments was reported to Purdue Police Friday.

The statute of limitations, the maximum time after an event that charges can be filed, has passed, so no suspect can be charged with the crime. The statute of limitations in Indiana for sex crimes is five years when both the victim and perpetrator are adults, according to a legal website.

There are still reasons victims report crimes, even when they can't file charges, Kang said.

“(Reporting the rape) can give a sense of closure for the victim because they might know that it might not go anywhere,” Kang said, "but they just want to tell the world about it.”

This case is still under investigation since the people involved aren’t Purdue students anymore, Kang said.

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