10/4/19 miz cracker

Miz Cracker performs her newest comedy show, "American Women," at Loeb Playhouse Wednesday night. 

Celebrity drag queen Miz Cracker received a roaring applause as she performed her newest comedy show, "American Woman," Wednesday night.

Cracker, who competed on season ten of “Rupaul’s Drag Race” and became a fan favorite, is a vocal advocate for women’s rights, according to her official webpage.

She presented her show to a full theater at Loeb Playhouse, as she delivered a feminist, politically charged act featuring a glamorous wardrobe and provocative dance moves, all celebrating women.

“Listen to women! And once you listen to women, you also have to believe women,” Cracker said.

Reactions to her were overwhelmingly positive.

“The comedy in between each of the dance specials was really funny,” Akshat Poddutoori, sophomore in the College of Science, said.

Emily Sullins, a sophomore in the College of Liberal Arts, has been a fan of Cracker since she appeared on “Rupaul’s Drag Race” and follows her on YouTube.

“I took away that women should be able to own their sexuality. They should not be afraid to speak up where they need to. So we’re just everywhere. We should speak of everything. That’s awesome,” Sullins said.

During the show, Cracker asked all the women in the audience to stand up.

"This show is for women,” she yelled.

Nearly the entire audience stood up cheering her on in the colorfully lit venue.

In one part of the show, decked in signature attire from the movie “Clueless,” Cracker satirized Tomi Lahren, a controversial conservative political commentator, by repeating Lahren's racially charged statements and ideas.

She also covered women's issues mainstream media often shies away from, including menstruation, female anatomy, unsolicited dick pics, slut shaming, sexual harassment and the MeToo movement.

Cracker addressed the often controversial depictions and treatment of women in the drag industry. The industry has been criticized in recent years for perceived sexism, and she said she believed that LGBTQ+ people, specifically gay men, owe their extension of civil rights in America to activism primarily conducted by women.

In her closing, Cracker encouraged the overwhelmingly college-aged and female crowd to keep doing good and fighting for civil rights for all.

“Nobody is truly free until everyone is free,” she said.

The TV-famous drag queen appeared on season six of “Rupaul’s Drag Race.” She is currently on tour for “American Woman” and will make her debut appearance in Australia and New Zealand next month.

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