Ji Min Sha walks into court to be charged

Ji Min Sha walks with his attorney to the Tippecanoe County jail courtroom in October. Sha is charged with murder, and his attorneys will return to court Dec. 15, when the judge will decide whether to assign physicians to assess his competency.

Five people, three Tippecanoe County jail security guards and two lawyers, escorted Ji Min Sha to the jail courthouse to hear charges read to him by a judge.

The 22-year-old Purdue student, uncuffed and wearing a blue jumpsuit and bright orange slippers, sat down behind thick glass listening to Magistrate Judge Sarah Wyatt read him his rights, charges and that criminal charges could affect immigration status through a virtual call.

“On or about October 5, 2022, in Tippecanoe County, State of Indiana, Ji Min Sha did knowingly or intentionally kill another human being,” Wyatt said.

After Wyatt asked if Sha understood the charges, he hesitated and looked at his lawyer before answering: “I do.”

His hearing is set for Dec. 2. Wyatt said murder charges do not have a bond, so Sha will remain in the jail until that date.

Sha watched the screen Wyatt was streaming from without showing emotion.

Sha’s defense attorney, Kyle Cray, handed him an orange sheet with information about the upcoming hearing. After he read it through, he handed it back to the lawyer.

Cray took back the orange sheet, thanked the judge and stood up, following the three security guards that escorted Sha from the courtroom back to the white-brick hall of the jail.

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