10/1/19 Duke power outage

Officials at the corner of Vine and Fowler streets said the power outage had been caused at least partially by a broken power line. Duke Energy was on site fixing the problem. 

A power outage caused by damage to equipment affected almost 2,000 residents Tuesday evening.

An outage map on the Duke Energy website showed that the northern area of campus and parts of West Lafayette were affected. At its peak, the outage reached about 1,764 customers.

10/1/19 Duke power outage

A power outage affected over 1,000 customers Tuesday evening, according to an outage map on the Duke Energy website.

Purdue University Fire Department officials on scene said a power line had broken on the corner of Vine and Fowler streets.

The outage was caused by several broken conductors, according to a Duke Energy representative. 

Power was restored to almost all customers by 9 p.m.

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