3/8/2021 Sticky-notes

The person Purdue payed the least in 2020 was a service worker who was reimbursed by the University for sticky-notes he bought for the office.

Purdue employees were paid, on average, $61,025.02 in 2020, though that figure includes skewing top-earners like head football coach Jeff Brohm, who earned $5,676,626.98.

One service worker at Purdue Northwest was reimbursed $8.06 for the entirety of 2020.

Julius Najzer is a service worker in the regional campus’ engineering department. He said the idea of being reimbursed for such a small amount was funny.

“It was for a bunch of sticky-notes I had to buy for the office,” he said.

Andrew Asberry, a doctoral candidate in the College of Pharmacy, was reimbursed a total of $9.54 in 2020.

“I genuinely have no idea what that’s for,” Asberry said.

Asberry, who works with a medicinal chemistry professor, said that since he was not officially employed by Purdue, he was not listed as an official employee.

“I’m still paid a decent amount,” he said. “I suppose that it just doesn’t show up officially.”

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